The Canaries are home to one of the largest concentrations of long-range telescopes in the world. The lack of light pollution in our skies makes the islands’ observatories a unique ‘astronomical reserve’ from which to observe and understand the workings of the universe.


We invite you to spend a night at the Canarian Astrophysical Institute’s observatory, high in the Teide National Park.

Your guide: a research scientist with the Institute, who’ll lead you into the telescope for an inside-track view of the latest discoveries in astrophysics, from the evolution of galaxies to exoplanets and the genesis of the solar system.

Your accommodation will be in the observatory itself with its extraordinary views of the Las Cañadas National Park and Spain’s highest mountain, the mighty Teide (3715m above sea level).


Alternatively, if you want a less immersive experience, we also offer a guided daily visit of the Canary Islands Observatories.