Be Tenerife is a travel experience company that owns 6 boutique accommodations
in the most exclusive area of the north coast of Tenerife

We offer our guests the opportunity to discover, in a very personalized way, what makes Tenerife so different. And especially the North, as rich and diverse as it is unknown.
Travelling with Be Tenerife is a lot more than just travelling. It is feeling the island.

”Tenerife and top- end have rarely belonged in the same Google search — del Hoyo is changing all that”

Paul Richardson – Financial Times journalyst

Founder's Vision

Be Tenerife was created with a passion for excellence. A love of detail, respect for tradition, valuing the local surroundings ... These aspects are part of the very DNA of this boutique accommodation club.

Together with the unique appeal of the properties, Be Tenerife also focuses on the experiences guests can enjoy during their stay. Experiences linked to the gastronomic, cultural and natural wonders the island offers. Another essential aspect is to give the best of the northern part of the island, an almost unknown area and virtually untouched by mass tourism.

Behind this innovative concept is Alberto del Hoyo, marketing consultant, tireless traveller, landscape expert and vocational interior designer. "For me, Be Tenerife was created with the aim of letting people know about the island. We want to provide our guests with the opportunity to discover the qualities that make Tenerife so different, and more specifically the north of the island. We have a great variety of accommodation that will enhance your enjoyment of our amazing culture, science, gastronomy and nature. We provide an honest, friendly service to those travellers eager to get to know and feel the island."

Be Tenerife is, therefore, a faithful reflection of our way of understanding travelling and service. We provide our visitors with a very individual service, a value-added element from the moment a booking is made through to check-out. Therefore, even though its main activity is to offer unique accommodation, the properties include a great variety of tailor-made services such as: cook, chauffeur, masseur/-euse, yoga instructor…

Be Tenerife Manifiesto

I. Location and surroundings: luxury in and for all the senses.

All the Be Tenerife properties boast a privileged location: on a cliff edge overlooking the sea, in the middle of a huge tropical garden or in the centre of a picturesque village - they all have unique and special surroundings.

Each property could be considered an island within the island, places and spaces devoted to relaxation and wellbeing. A wellbeing understood as a balance between form and function, as an expression of good taste without excess and as being at one with the environment.

II. Respectful renovation: The value of heritage

All the villas and their surrounding gardens have their own history (and a long history), some going back to the 17th century. Others have been witnesses to significant historical events. Even the newest ones have been built according to traditional methods.

Being historical and protected spots, they have been developed to the strictest and most respectful controls. The result: properties with all the necessary comforts without losing their original charm and the elegant touch that only time can give.

III: Premium experiences: much more than just pretty houses

Apart from the excellent accommodation, the activities offered will allow guests to enjoy their stay even more if they decide to take advantage of these, and a chance to discover new experiences.

Common to all these experiences, which are supplied on request, is the highest level of professionalism.

About Alberto del Hoyo

Specialized in marketing consulting, with more than 10 years’ international experience, Alberto del Hoyo has a degree in Business Administration and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa.

In 2013, he decided to go back to his native Tenerife to take over the Hacienda Cuatro Ventanas, his first boutique accommodation. With the experience acquired, four years later he created Be Tenerife with a clear and distinct concept of service and accommodation. At present, he runs eight properties of recognized prestige on the island.

All of this without neglecting his other great passion: photography. To quote Henri Cartier Breson: “in order to take a photograph you need to align mind, eye and heart.”

A passion that has taken him around the world, from tribal territories in Asia, to unexplored lands in Africa and Latin America and holding exhibitions of his work. In connection with this unstoppable vocation, in 2016 Alberto founded the project “Pics 4 Pills”, a modest fundraising initiative for the people of the Omo Valley.

Three years later he published “Mystic Valley”, a travel notebook containing 4 years’ worth of photos taken in the Omo Valley. The earnings from the sales go in their entirety to solidarity projects in different tribal zones photographed in Ethiopia.


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