Marta Carriedo, Be Tenerife traveler
Nov 2016

I love the Canary Islands! As I have said on more than one occasion I feel half Canarian and I like that we have these kind of paradises in Spain, a few hours by plane from any city.

I was able to enjoy a wonderful week in Tenerife, an island that I had not visited since I was a child.

This was our accommodation: amazing location at Hacienda Cuatro Ventanas located at Socorro’s beach. I was able to enjoy true pleasures that we often forget with our rhythm of life: eating well, sitting to enjoy the sunset, without any hurry, to be in calm, in peace. But above all what I liked was this infinity pool at the edge of the cliff surrounded by banana trees. I’ve seen a few beautiful locations like this.

I also loved the typical island food like the mojo picón, the fresh fish, or the most typical dessert: bienmesabe. The Canarian banana was of course also in my daily “diet”. But the best thing about this trip talking about gastronomy was the menu we tried at the restaurant of Michelin Star El Rincon de Juan Carlos: I could never imagine that with the usual ingredients you could make dishes and mixes so different and delicious. Amazing.

On the other hand I could live unique experiences, like riding a helicopter for the first time. Seeing the cliff of Los Gigantes or the Teide (volcano) from the heights but so close, it is really impressive!

I end up insisting that we do not need to go out of Spain to enjoy small paradises like this. We have it very close in our own country. I invite you to visit our Canary Islands!

By the way, these amazing views are in a secret place, the house of our host the Be Tenerife founder who invite us to a wine testing experience, and of course I could easily stay there if not forever, I wouldn’t mind living there for a while. After a long road of stones and sand you finally arrive to this paradise in the middle of nowhere, at the edge of a cliff, where you can only hear the sound of the waves. Speechless.